Happy New Year!

9 01 2009

No time was wasted in the US seeing in the New Year with blood.

Aside from echoing the execution of a young boy that took place in Greece, this latest tragedy serves to remind us that this is the age of the digital camera and the internet where fuck ups, police brutality, executions and lies are documented.  At the push of an enter key, we have access to the largest soap box and organisational tool ever produced.  Whether it be the parasitic politicians who live off our labour or the little despots with of greatness further down the chain of command, we have the power to expose these people for what they are through film and words.  The internet is a beast that puts us in touch with a greater, international audience and has played a key role in these two specific events — without the internet both cops in either case would been investigated and let go.  Instead, footage that exposes both shootings as executions has been uploaded, digitised and distributed.  The perpetrators have been, universally, condemned by anyone of good conscience who happens upon footage of the incident and words have been (and will be) written extolling the moral to these tragedies: if you don’t want a repeat, get rid of government.

Furthermore, the Greeks were able to take to the streets quickly following news of Alex’s murder, through SMS texts and the internet.  As the mainstream media began condemning the protestors, and siding with the police, alternative reports emerged that showed the Greek police acting as provocateurs, working with ultra-nationalist groups to subdue protesters and that the original incident was, in fact, murder.  This second case of police brutality in America was captured on video by multiple persons, and shows the victim being forced, face down into the pavement, cuffed and subsequently, shot in the back.  Without these videos, that same cop would, in all liklihood have been investigated and let off with a slap on the wrist — or a statement saying that the cop acted ‘appropriately under the circumstances.’  It is the internet that has enabled this tragedy to make it past the blue wall of silence.  No wonder various governments are so keen on censoring it.

But, to the point.  There is now an international precedent of the police committing murder.  To serve and protect?  I think not.




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