Ausama. Obamalia. Obamatralia. Obamastralia!

25 01 2009

In the aftermath of the Obama inauguration, in which thousands of people packed Washington DC to watch America’s first black president be sworn in, a new debate has arisen among Australians.  Senior political leaders and community activists Australia wide have found themselves swept up in the inspirational momentum following Obama’s election to the Presidency and have begun lobbying for a referendum to decide whether Australia should finalise the deal and legally become the 51st state of America.

President Barrack Obama appears to not only have secured the hearts of millions of American followers, but also the hearts of tens of thousands of Australians who sat glued to their TV screens over the many hours in which Obama’s inauguration ceremony was broadcast live over national TV. Immediately after the evening news, dining room discussions continued that heralded Obama as the new saviour of America, and hopefully Australia.

A senior member of parliament was contacted and offered his comment, “Yes, we are working to hammer out a deal that would see a hasty referendum called to determine whether the Australian states should join with the American union.  We are currently in the process of submitting a draft to the Obama administration, who will be getting back to us later in the week.  We would also like to mention that any referendum here would also have to be authorised by the Americans.  However, in the event that our proposal is rejected, we have created a second proposal that instead would lead to another referendum that would see Australia officially change its name to, ‘Little America.’ ”

The recent shortcomings of Kevin Rudd, his apparent disinterest in spending too much time within Australian borders coupled with the complete lack of talent in all Australian political parties in general, are said to have left the average Australian wanting more.  This has resulted in many Australians looking to outsource their political leadership overseas.

When asked his thoughts, Joe Ocker, man on the street, commented, “Well, I dunno mate, but ol’ Kevin just doesn’t do it for me. Obama, I like ‘im.  He talks pretty and I reckon if we were to get ‘im ova here, he’d do a better job than half these c****.  And he’s gotta be good right?  I mean you can’t be worse than Bush.  That f****** couldn’t even speak prop’ly, ya know what I mean?”

Recent statistics appear to support the observed trend among Australians, as when asked on two party preferred basis, 98% of Australian’s voted Obama as their preferred leader.  Though experts remind us that these polls can be up to 2% inaccurate.

Following the inauguration, parties were held that continued throught the night with many celebrating their leader’s successful transition into the White House.

Some critics point out that Obama is not in fact the Australian President and that Australia does not in fact have a position of president.

These same critics go on to say that the iconography of Obama, various pro-Obama phrases and the unnerving levels of support for a foreign head of state are disturbing and suggest that Australian’s may be better served if they focus there attention to events unfolding in Australia while asserting that Obama may not be as awesome as he seems.  However these critics were told to shut up and were later burned at the stake.




4 responses

25 01 2009

We’d take you as the 51st state because of your awesome use of the bbq grill. Besides, here in Texas, we’ve always referred to your part of the world as the Greater Gulf of Texas.

As to the Obama thing…though I am sure I will be inspired to greater heights, I’ve probably not had enough to drink to feel the effects.

Oh, might I suggest the term Obamites for followers of the Great Chosen Leader? Afterall, we are one great Obamanation now.

25 01 2009

I continue to be amused by the throngs of followers. It reminds me of lemmings, mesmerized, blinded and drunk by hope, running toward their own doom. The problem is they are going to take the rest of the country with them. Obama’s latest blathering is about telling the nation not to listen to Rush Limbaugh. This is getting pretty close to government sponsored censorship. Next, he’ll be telling us what jobs we will take when we get out of school. Or perhaps take away our rights to bare arms. If it weren’t for the fact that he is instructing us on who and what to listen to or read, I would say crazy ideas like that are far-fetched.

25 01 2009
Royce Christian


Well, I’d also hoped that our crocodile wrestling ability’s and legions of Kangaroos might come in handy in some way. Perhaps we can develop some expendable new weapons technology for use in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In some way though, I would argue that the sole benefit of Obama’s presidency is going to be when the up-and-coming generation(s) realises that all the appeals to change, all the hope they place in the political system to resolve problems created by that same system and all the idealism that surrounds Obama, will come crashing down.


It’s the task of politicians in general to lay out commands to the people so that they may properly instructed on how to live their lives. As you pointed out, Obama is no different for he is a politician and politicians are professional liars.

For example, Obama has already sided with Bush in regards to wiretapping.

And welcome to my blog, both of you.

26 01 2009
Rorshak (1313)

The worship of Obama, even by people overseas, really annoys me.

Not even a week into his presidency and he’s already ordering murder.

Yeah, so different from Bush! Hope, change!

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