1 03 2009

In a recent speech by Obama concerning his administrations plans to pull out of Iraq, Obama made the following statement.

“We have also taken into account the simple reality that America can no longer afford to see Iraq in isolation from other priorities: we face the challenge of refocusing on Afghanistan and Pakistan; of relieving the burden on our military; and of rebuilding our struggling economy – and these are challenges that we will meet.”

Now, I’d just like to take a moment to ask when was America and the world, or in this case, America at war with Pakistan?  The last time I checked Pakistan was supposed to be an ally of the United States.  Although many politicians see it as perfectly legal bombs inside their allies borders — in the same way they ventured forth into Cambodia and Laos back in ‘Nam — I’m having a tough time getting around the idea that it’s legal to bomb your friends, especially when it seems to have some effect towards destabilising the country.

Following this, I’d also raise similar questions as were raised in this CounterPunch article that is also a must read regarding Iraq war propaganda.

Not to mention that the Afghani president may be getting ready to overstay his constitutional welcome, given that the country doesn’t have any other choice.




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