Police beating of a 15 year old girl caught on tape.

2 03 2009

Once again, I give a big thanks to Strike-the-Root uncovering this incident of police brutality yesterday.

To make matters worse, the girl had been caught driving her parents car that had been reported stolen.

Significance?  She was joy-riding.  She wasn’t a thief.  She may be a brat but she didn’t deserve the beating illustrated above.

If you aren’t angered by that, extracts provided by this article regarding the incident will certainly serve to anger anyone with a keenly honed sense of justice.

The detective who reviewed the video said it appeared Schene and Brunner had the girl under control when Schene struck her. Schene, who is 6 feet 2 and weighs 195 pounds, did not explain his action to investigators, court documents say.

He and the girl exchanged words. Brunner said she was “real lippy” after being informed she was under arrest and called them “fat pigs.”

The Sheriff’s Office policy manual says deputies should use physical or deadly force only when “necessary to effect an arrest, to defend themselves or others from violence, or to otherwise accomplish police duties according to law.”

What do we learn from the position of the police department? An obnoxious 15 year old is a lethal threat to a fully grown adult male, which entirely justifies her being brutally beaten.

It then says,

In his own report from the incident, Schene wrote that the shoe hit him in the right shin, “causing injury and pain.” He wrote that he “placed” her into handcuffs and that she needed medical attention for a “panic attack.”

I don’t think I need to point it out, but I’ll highlight it anyway; notice how Schene’s brutal assault equates, in his terms, to a “panic attack”.

And here comes the “but”,

He said a “blood filled pocket” formed on his shin, requiring treatment at Auburn General Hospital, according to his report. The video, however, appears to show his shin strike a metal toilet as he pushes the girl against the wall.

Yes, because medically a shoe hitting someone in the shin will cause a “blood filled pocket” serious enough to be treated at hospital.  Anyone who has a few years experience in any number of sports from soccer to martial arts will tell you that it takes a little more than a shoe to cause a serious injury to the shin, and the offending police officer was by no means a delicate flower.

And it gets worse.

If we look at some of the comments posted on videos uploaded to youtube, there are some impossible characters who are quite happy to act as apologists for the actions of Mr Schene.

middlman583 wrote in one comment,

That girl needed her ass beat for disrespecting ….The way I heard it she Stole someones car and got caught.Somebody should have stuck a foot up her ass

Another comments, contributing under the name rdf67, who had urged other participants to remain civil, offered this input,

The cop was a little over the top (shockingly so), but I agree with your statement. It will be interesting to see if this girl learns anything from this. In this video and particularly the longer one, it appears that she’s got some attitude. You walk around getting in peoples faces and eventually someone’s going to snap on you. Makes you wonder what kind of discipline there is in her home.

It’s the girl that’s supposed to learn something from this?  Well actually, he may be right, but not in the way he believes.  That girl would be best served if she learns forevermore not to trust the police.  But there is something more about this comment that really cuts to the quick; even if the girl was being obnoxious to the cop beforehand, does it justify her being savagely beaten?  Does the original author of this comment really suppose that the lesson all of this should be, “Stay on the straight and narrow and respect the men in uniform or you will be savagely beaten for your disrespect?”

How is it that some people’s sense of justifies is so totally twisted, that they would defend the actions of a bastard simply because he is in a uniform?  If he hadn’t been wearing a uniform, he would be in goal, without passing Go or collecting $200.  So I ask you, what’s so special about a uniform that it makes the victim always guilty?

As a finale, I’ll leave you with this comment by a LeannaMaire.

I don’t think it’s cool for that cop to hit her like that, but why the hell is she in jail in the first place? I mean, she’s probably a fucking brat, running her little mouth and kicking her shoe at a police officer. Come on, she’s no angel. If she had gotten some ass beating at home, none of this would happen. Kids today are fearless and they need to be beaten, not by cops but by their parents!




7 responses

3 03 2009

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[EDIT: Removed advertising, but kept compliment.]

4 03 2009

Thank you. Very, very well said. I also posted the video. Most of the time I try to refrain from going off-topic in my blog, but I was so upset after seeing the video I had to speak up.

One commentor actually defended this guy. It was only one comment in 150 hits, so I guess we can feel safe that this individual is not within the norm.

You make an excellent point that helped me to understand why someone might respond that way. Some people just see a uniform and automatically assume the person wearing it should be respected no matter what they do.

And others… well, they just advocate child abuse. (Ie., the “She was being ‘lippy’ so she deserved it”-attitude). Considering that… in a way, then, the video does fall within the subject-matter of my blog, which pertains to child abuse.

This certainly was a child being abused!

5 03 2009

The most interesting thing about all of these police brutality videos is that they are often from their own CCTV cameras, which I assume they know are there. This means that besides the brutality and injustice of it all, they have no qualms about what others might think and apparently no shame in the face of the inevitable dissemination and analysis of the video! Their violence goes beyond backroom shenanigans. They are literally performing for the cameras, as they are so secure in their right to commit this violence.

5 03 2009

I think they don’t remember the cameras are there. It becomes part of the decor for them and never expect it to be any threat to them selves.

This is obviously an aggression of passion. The cop loves his powers, Ian and Mark on Free Talk Live recognized him having murdered a harmless man driving his car going about his business, murdered him in cold blood with eleven shoots.

26 04 2009
The obedience circuit. « Check Your Premises

[…] deserved it,” “they must have done something wrong to deserve this” and “kids need to be beaten” is an observation that demands to be explained. And we observe this sort of behaviour over and over […]

17 12 2009
Wendell Bibby

The cop involved is a crybaby coward for losing it over a fifteen year old girls’ lippy mouth. That video is proof that that coward committed felony assault. If the same thing that happened to that young girl happened to that coward on video, the perpetrator would be going to prison for assaulting a “Peace Officer”. That girl will forever hate the police because of two stupid cowardly jackasses that probably still think they are Peace Officers. Good job BOYS.

1 04 2011

If those officers are happy to pull a stunt like that with a little girl while on camera, just imagine what they would do to an adult when there are no camera’s around!

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