3 03 2009

News just in, the PirateBay has suffered a DDoS attack.  This attack comes as the prosecution, who is now asking for a years prison, begins his closing arguments.  Such an act raises the question of who would do such a thing to a bunch of gentil pirates and counter economists?  Who would not want them to succeed?

Any how, rumour has it that the downtime was caused by a hijacked botnet.  However, upon refreshing the page only moments ago, the site is back up to allow people to continue in their downloading fun.

Just to make sure, I wasn’t making this up.  Others have reported the same incident.

Though I’ve just discoverd that ThePirateBay runs a blog hosting service.  If only I wasn’t so happy here at WordPress.




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5 03 2009

Not at all, I saw a blog post that they guys was fixing the fault from within the court. I can’t remember what the problem was but it was nothing malicious.

5 03 2009

There we go, I accidentally found the reference for the above post through digg http://www.boingboing.net/2009/03/03/pirate-bay-accused-d.html

5 03 2009
Royce Christian

Thanks for the link. I could have made it clearer that it was a rumour. I certainly feel stupid. 😉

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