When Obama meets Rudd,

25 03 2009

A consensus is formed.  They’ve agreed to drop more bombs (Afghanistan) and to more interference in our lives (regulation).  Though I’ve got no idea where the Americans will be getting the money from.

And the US President has also promised to end the “shenanigans” in the finance sector that triggered the global recession and to regulate to return to a state of responsible economic growth.

Mr Obama’s comments came early this morning after a 70-minute meeting with Kevin Rudd at the White House.

The first face-to-face meeting between the two leaders was dominated by the economy and Afghanistan amid widespread expectations Mr Obama will ask Australia to increase its military involvement in the troubled nation beyond its current troop strength of 1100.

But he said that despite the mounting death toll in the seven-year-old war, the involvement of the US and its Allies had failed to eliminate the threat of terrorism from Al-Qaida and its affiliates.

“I think the American and the Australian people also recognise that in order for us to keep our homelands safe, in order to maintain our way of life in order to ensure order on the international scene, that we can’t allow vicious killers to have their way,” Mr Obama told reporters in the Oval Office.

“We’re going to do what’s required to ensure that does not happen.”

Mr Obama said he understood the public frustration over the need to send troops overseas, some never to return to their families.

“As a consequence it’s important for us to stay on the offensive and to dismantle these terrorist organisations wherever they are.”

Mr Rudd also said he was confident concerted action by governments would be able to stabilise the global financial system.

But he said the new challenge facing the world was to replace dependence on speculative investment bubbles with new and safer drivers of economic growth.

Yes, because K Rudd (or Krudd for those that haven’t got the joke) has had a great grasp of economics so far; handing out free money when the economy was headed for a recession regardless, causing a run on financial institutions, proposing the nationalisation of the banking sector…

I don’t think anyone told him that regulation and interference by the American government started the financial crisis in the first place.  Oh, but wait, they’ve already jumped the gun.




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25 03 2009
Mike Allman

Welcome to the new age of socialism, nationalism, and fascism. World War III here we come!

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