Australian defence contractor with Neo-Nazi Ties

15 04 2009

Go figure. According to an documents provided by wikileaks (gotta love ’em), a defence contractor linked to the Australian government by what I suppose would be millions upon millions of stolen cash, has been identified as a Neo-Nazi.  I realise I’ve been a bit out of it as of late, but better late than never. So, here’s the article.

One of Australia’s largest Defence Department-linked companies has suspended a contractor over her alleged links to an international neo-Nazi group.

Nicole Hanley, a bid support manager for Thales – which has hundreds of millions of dollars in Department of Defence contracts – is alleged to have been involved as an administrator of the neo-Nazi web forum Blood & Honour.

The claims have been made by whistleblower site Wikileaks, which has published a hacked database containing private messages between the group’s members.

According to the Wikileaks private message trail it is claimed that Hanley has published a detailed online diary of her travels to Europe last year, which included attending several neo-Nazi skinhead gatherings, visiting Adolf Hitler’s birthplace, placing flowers on his parents’ grave and collecting Nazi memorabilia.

“Hearing/joining in with so many hundreds of people chanting Sieg Heil together is something that will stay with me forever,” she allegedly wrote.

The online messages allegedly reveal that Hanley has also hosted international Blood & Honour activists at her house in Canberra and dated several neo-Nazi skinheads.

Blood & Honour, which promotes neo-Nazi music and events, was founded in Britain in 1987 and has been outlawed in Germany and Spain. Its Australian chapter is organising a pro-Hitler gig in Perth for Anzac Day.

In one of her online messages, Hanley is reported as saying that she would like to become “more active in supporting B&H Australia”.

“I think that with my skills and background I would have a lot to offer,” she wrote.

“Nothing would make me happier than to see B&H Australia become stronger and larger. I would also love to see the skinhead scene in Australia return back to the size and strength of the glory days.”

Even though the Department of Defence conducted background checks on all Thales contractors, claims about Hanley’s links with neo-Nazi skinhead groups were unknown to Thales or the department until provided copies of the private messages.

Thales immediately began an investigation and suspended Hanley, who is in her 40s, saying it took security “extremely seriously”.

It said the matter had been referred to “appropriate authorities for further investigation”.

“The person in question was a contractor engaged through an employment agency,” a Thales spokeswoman said.

“The contract has been suspended and all access to Thales IT and equipment removed.”

The Department of Defence said it could not comment on security allegations relating to specific people, but would have concerns about employees known to have links with nationalist extremist or racial organisations. It would not comment on Hanley’s security clearance level.

In another message attributed to her she discussed how she listened to a white supremacist online radio show.

Reached at her home on Friday and this morning, Hanley refused to comment on the allegations and threatened legal action over any future reports based on the material published by Wikileaks.

“I’m under legal advice not to speak to you,” she said, before hanging up.

Thales, which refused to give any further details about the investigations or about Hanley, generates about $1 billion in revenues annually and specialises in high technology defence products such as electronic warfare, munitions and protected mobility vehicles.

Mat Henderson, a volunteer with Australian anti-racism group Fight dem back, said bad economic times were always a fertile recruitment ground for racist groups.




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15 04 2009

I am not a Nazi nor do I have any interest in their philosophy but I wonder about one thing: free speech. If what this idiot woman is doing does not break any laws, then what is the deal? Doesn’t this abridge her right to free speech? If you believe something the government or the newspapers are against, does that mean you can be banned from doing your job?

16 04 2009
Royce Christian

The deal comes in two forms. First and foremost is that this women advocates and allegedly seeks to expand a movement so fundamentally opposed to liberty that they 1) feel entirely justified in advocating the total destruction of entire ethnic groups which is a refusal to recognise the rights and freedoms of others and 2) wish to establish a rigid social structure and strong centralised government with total authority with which to impose their will.

So, you’re right, she’s an idiot. You’re also right in that she has freedom of speech. Though, if you wanted to get technical, Australians don’t have the right to free speech. Just the right to political free speech. But as an avid supporter of freedom universally, regardless of whether the positive law recognises such fundamental freedoms or not, I shall continue as if they exist.

Consequently, I would point out that I also have a right to freedom of speech, meaning that I may freely denounce and pour scorn on the women for being the thug she is. And at the end of the day, she and her friends are nothing but thugs; big on violence and little on brains.

And to continue on a little further, if we are going to talk in terms of freedoms, I would point to the freedom of association. If we change the situation slightly to one where the women was doing her job in, say, a private company with absolutely no connection to government. Would you oppose a decision made by her employer to terminate her employment because they do not wish to associate with someone of her calibre? What about economic concerns regarding the employer’s reputation? What about the people the employer does business with, particularly if they are of ethnic minorities? What about if by allowing her to work within his business, he is inadvertently providing her with the “skills and background” that may assist her in advancing her discriminate racial and authoritarian political gender?

“If you believe something the government or the newspapers are against, does that mean you can be banned from doing your job?”

I think it’s highly likely that if I advocate the subjugation and murder of entire groups people while praising the actions of a mass murderer, it’s unlikely that I am going to find many friends within civil society. Especially as much of that society consists of minorities I presumably want deceased.

As much as neither you, nor I, nor anyone else have any justifiable reason to use force against her unless she first uses it against us, we have our own freedoms which we may exercise, freely.

2 05 2009

OK, take your argument a little further. Say a liberal government in power does not like that a government bureaucrat is a big shaker in a conservative party. Should they be able to sack the bureaucrat because he is opposed to the liberal government’s ideas EVEN if his job performance is satisfactory?

The right to free speech, political free speech, means that idiotic ideas must be tolerated. To do otherwise means that where you draw the line will vary according to the whims of those in power that decide what is good or bad.

3 05 2009
Royce Christian

“Should they be able to sack the bureaucrat because he is opposed to the liberal government’s ideas EVEN if his job performance is satisfactory?

The right to free speech, political free speech, means that idiotic ideas must be tolerated. To do otherwise means that where you draw the line will vary according to the whims of those in power that decide what is good or bad.”

This is all very true, and I agree. Principles, and especially freedoms, should be applied universally. So in answer to your question, the answer is an obvious, no.

However, I would still assert that I have a right to attack, argue against and pour scorn on ideas that I find untenable and idiotic. This in itself does not mean I would choose to physically act, or economically as in the context of the article, on the one expressing the idiotic thought. Such an act would only be justified by an aggressive act on the part of the one expressing the idiotic idea, such as a physical attack on me for raising my own argument against his opinion, or another.

Further, this misses the point of the original post in its entirety, which was not to laud over the firing of a Neo-Nazi from her position as a government contractor, but to point out the type of people who are attracted to the coercive institution of the state.

2 08 2009
Trish Hunt

nazis should be fired. the nazis went to war against australia, just like the terrorists are today. anyone who states publicly that they have loyalty to an organisation that is anti-australian should not be permitted to work for the australian government.
furthermore, there is no right to free speech in australia. that is an american thing.

2 08 2009
Royce Christian


But the thing is, any self-respecting nazi will tell you’re they’re not ‘anti-Australian’. They are nationalists that are so wrapped up in some absurd version of their own nationality that it is of greater value than any human life that begins outside their select group. That’s where their call for ‘racial purity’ comes from.

Any Australian neo-nazi worth their salt would call themselves ‘proud Australians’ but instead tack on the claim that ‘Australianism’ is being polluted by an influx of ‘outsiders’ and all the other ‘white race is supreme’ bullshit.

As I am profoundly anti-nationalist, where does that leave me?

And yes, Australia does not have free speech in the American sense, however we have the right to political freedom of speech.

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