“They’re selling drugs to our kids!!11!1!1!!”

1 05 2009

Okay, so I’m going back to basics.  My original intention for this post was to attack the root of government with whatever logic I can muster, but I will admit that I’ve been redirected to attack a more prevalent strain of statist thought in our lives.  Something that runs global, no matter whether your from Australia or Timbuktu.  It’s a pandemic, once that has existed long before swine flu, bird flu, SARS or theocracy or any other disease out to find us and destroy us — and something that caught my attention today.

Drifting around the city between the university and the various other tasks I had to perform, saw my path impeded by a protest conducted by the Rebels, a bikie group looking to combat legislation enacted by the South Australian parliament that has been termed  the ‘anti-bikie’ legislation.  The legislation attacks freedom of association of an organisation when its members have been branded ‘criminal’.  But the protest itself meant nothing at the time, it was only after that it had any significance.

After getting home that I turned on the news and the farce played out.  As it turns out, during the protest the rebels had submitted a petition to a senator for the Democrats.  In a true show of journalistic integrity, the reporter narrating the scene of the handover described the document as ‘bizarre’ before explaining that it referenced the Bible and the Magna Carta while calling for a Bill of Rights.  There was a pause in the narration while the report cut to a seen of Mike Rann, talking to reporters who was making a deliberate attempt to lead the media by referring to the groups’ call for a Bill of Rights as absurd, on the basis that they ‘live outside the law,’ and, ‘are selling drugs to our kids.’  And then it hit me, like a diamond bullet through the brain (thank you, Apocalypse Now) the true disease is not this swine flu scare that’s sweeping the globe.  It’s this unrelenting faith in the powers at be, even when we know the bastards are out to screw us.

Take Obama, or ‘super-jesus’ as I’ve come to call him in conversation.  He’s very good.  Very photogenic, very eloquent and the main thing he has going for him is that whole, ‘he’s not Bush’ thing.  He’s go the Charm of Clinton and his slight-of-hand is better than Houdini.  People have this amazing faith in Obama.  It’s almost unquestionable.  Never mind that he is a politician and by the nature of his profession he is a professional liar.  He can continue bombing campaigns in remote Pakistani regions, exercise state privileges secured by Bush to cover his tracks, run up 12.8 trillion in debt in order to ‘combat’ a bad economy and even manage to piss of the island of Manhattan with his happy-go-lucky antics — and is still beloved by all!  Hell, in a world where wars are waged and people are dying of some misfortune or another, the fact that the Obama family adopted a new dog makes international headlines.

Then, to come a little closer to home, there’s Rudd.  Like Obama, he was swept into office on a mantra calling for ‘change’ while talking about ‘working families’ –the very same people who he’s going to have to tax in order make up what his government now owes.  The guy has managed to maintain, despite a bad PR rap recently, something like a 74-75% popularity rating.  No politician is ever that popular — the only possible explanation is that he’s decided to give away all the money he’s collected from everyone.  And I barely need to go through the list of stupid things this guy has done, but I will mention that his politics certainly makes me raise an eyebrow.

And now to bring it closer to home, there’s Rann.  He loves the media, the PR spin and you’ll see him in the centre of the action, talking to journalists, making absolutely outrageous claims about whomever his opposition happens to be.  If there’s anything to be known about Rann, he’s about as in touch with your common man as a lunatic is in touch with his sanity and that he sure as hell doesn’t give a damn about the individual liberty of South Australians.

Where ever you’re from, I’m sure you can relate to the caricatures of the political elite I’ve given.  After all, politicians of all shapes, makes and models, seem, at least to me, something akin to that dirty old uncle who makes you feel uncomfortable every time he comes over for dinner.  People know they’re creepy and what goes on behind closed doors is wrong.  Yet they still do as  they’re told when they’re threatened with the bogeyman.




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4 05 2009
Mike Gogulski

Again on Strike the Root! Wunderbar!

4 05 2009

Please place me on list

4 05 2009

“It’s a pandemic, once that has existed long before swine flu, bird flu, SARS or theocracy or any other disease out to find us and destroy us — and something that caught my attention today.”

Theocracy?! So, because I have seceded from the government, i.e. dissolved the political bands which have connected me with a body politic and assumed among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle me, and only wish to have dominion over my own life, liberty and justly acquired property (or estate), which is the true theocracy IMO, then according to this commenter I have become part of a “pandemic”?!

I think this author may be confusing theocracy with what is now understood to be ecclesiocracy, which is “government by a person or persons claiming to rule with divine authority”.

8 05 2009
Royce Christian

Well, I’m using the stock standard definition of theocracy:

   /θiˈɒkrəsi/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [thee-ok-ruh-see]

1. a form of government in which God or a deity is recognized as the supreme civil ruler, the God’s or deity’s laws being interpreted by the ecclesiastical authorities.
2. a system of government by priests claiming a divine commission.
3. a commonwealth or state under such a form or system of government.”

Either way, a theocracy or ecclesiocracy are neither preferable forms of government that humanity appears to have liberated itself from. Albeit we have substituted politicians and the political process for the position of God and the high priests.

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