11 08 2009

Aussie Pride seat covers, draping yourself in the national flag, throwing a shrimp on the barbie and sitting back in your couch with a beer or a glass of Bundaberg rum — nationalism is fucking stupid.

And all the more so given the current state of the world. Seriously.

Call me what you will, but I fundamentally refuse in to pay tribute to “Australianism” — that ‘general feeling’ of being ‘Australian’.  Use every expletive in your vocabulary, if you will, but the history books have been saturated with the blood of young man, black, white and every shade between, who have happily walked down the barrel of a machine gun for some completely abstract notion of ‘nation’.  As we speak, political leaders around the world are asking their subordinates to lay down their lives for the ‘good of the nation’.

And I’m sick of having to explain myself to people.  I’m tired of listening to people shouting from the rafters the need for more cops, more regulations, harsher penalties.  It’s so much easier to call for a hardline approach when someone else’s head is on the chopping.

This increase in nationalism has come about since John Howard’s prime ministership.  You know, when he was busy giving head to Bush and there were still weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.  His big thing was handing over infrastructure assets to massive corporations and emphasising the history of Australia — particularly the military history.  Guns, knives, bullets, bombs, isn’t all glorious?  It’s remarkable how often overt nationalism coincides with pride in past military campaigns.

Nationalism is on the rise in Australian as our political leaders stumble their way into more and more armed conflicts.  We are the ‘citizen soldiers’ whose duty is to work the fields and factories then be willing to fight for king and country, or whatever the equivalent is in this day and age.  This increase in nationalism and love for all things military has only greased the wheels of conflict.  Obama’s showing signs of being only marginally different than the old boss, Rudd is just as arrogant as Howard and is to Obama what Howard was to Bush.

But in the end, I’m tired.  You can’t tell people that this is stupid, or you are a traitor.  You can’t point out that there’s nothing particularly special about being Australian, or Greek, or Viet, or Korean, or Italian, or English.




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11 08 2009

Good post but… You couldn’t have made it, say, a week ago, when I HADN’T already handed in my project on the relationship between war and nationalism? 😛

13 08 2009
David Gendron

Great post!

Do you support secessionists movements?

13 08 2009
Royce Christian


If only you had said something! This post has been sitting around for months, which is why it is so badly edited.


I have replied to your question in an entirely new post, rather than write everything here.

14 08 2009
David Gendron

Thank you!

14 08 2009
Secessionist Movements « .urbandissent

[…] 13 08 2009 David Gendron of Anarcho-pramatisme ask me in the comment section of my post on nationalism whether or not I support secessionist movements.  Originally, I was just going to reply there, but […]

30 12 2009

Good post. Thanks for the effort mate.

Well, as a non-Australian I’d like to ask a question if you don’t mind.

Me & my girlfriend considering to come to Autsralia through a language course probably in Gold Coast. We both have fluent english and communication skills and we’re eager to integrate into society by working and earning our livelihood. What I’d really want to know is that what would be the most irritating “nationalist” reaction we come up against? Or do we ever face somehow?

Indeed , it’s hard to imagine about this sort of issue without having been lived there before. Thanks in advance.

30 12 2009
Royce Christian


In short, you should be fine. The likelihood of you being attacked by someone based on your race or ethnicity, is tiny. You’ll probably even be able to find small Turkish communities around the place, depending on where you visit. At absolute worst, you may get insulted. But you run that risk going anywhere.

And please don’t take this post to be a saying that all Australian’s are violent, racist thugs. This just ain’t true. Most are a fairly laid back, friendly bunch. Incidents in the past have often happened because people with some incredibly harmful ideas, have manipulated others, with genuine problems, into acting in such a way so as to further those harmful ideas, while ignoring the real causes of the problems.

In this post, my aim was to attack certain trends in the Australian psyche towards developing an ‘Australian-ism’, which can only end badly when we start making decisions based around protecting or promoting what’s considered ‘Australian-ish’. You see it a lot in the debates surrounding refugees and ‘illegal’-immigrants that arrive by boat.

If you love beaches, you’ll love the Gold Coast. Melbourne has more of an Arts scene, while Sydney pretty much has that Melbourne does, except it’s more generic.

Hope this helps.

30 12 2009

Thanks for your informative reply.

I believe we’ll not encounter serious problems. It seems not only Australia but most of the countries suffer from groundless racism but I think in the long term, this will also affect those who try to manipulate others as you mentioned.

Thanks again.
Take care & Good luck

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