Extra-Judicial Shootings of Tamil Prisoners by Shri Lankan Soldiers

8 01 2010

So, the Shri Lankan government says that footage is fake, while a panel of experts have no declared it to be real.  Simply, is it that surprising that a bunch of men, dressed in uniforms may murder people who were only a month before considered to be enemies of the state?

Yes, the LTTE may have done bad things over their history, but weren’t we also taught in school two wrongs do not make a right?  Oh, that’s right, we were also taught that the victors write history because in the mainstream might, undoubtedly, makes right.

Either way, I’m doing my part to help these videos go viral.  No one should end their days stripped naked, blindfolded and shot in the back by a man with boots and a Kalashnikov.




One response

9 01 2010

It is a sad world…I know the hate these Tamil rebels created by their merciless killing of innocents, suicide bombings, blowing up school children. Perhaps it is the fate they deserve…but the horror of this…

It is hard to comprehend the savagery of man and perhaps it exists in all of us.

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