Introducing Mr Abbott

19 02 2010

Care of the ABC

Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has described sex as “one of life’s great pleasures”, but says it is often difficult to find the time for it on the campaign trail.

Speaking just weeks after he courted controversy by making comments about women’s virginity, Mr Abbott said he did not subscribe to a “hair shirt” view of the good things in life.

“It is one of life’s great pleasures,” he told Launceston’s The Examiner.

“Let’s face it, it’s almost impossible to have when you are on the campaign trail.

Can I just say, for the record, ew.  Seriously.  If Mr Abbott wants to correct his public image and appeal to ‘modern day Australia,’ going from good, wholesome, Catholic values to free lovin’ hippy probably isn’t the way to do it — particularly when you consider this PR is about as transparent as George W Bush standing on an American battle-ship to declare ‘victory’.

And there is also the fact that he is a politician that wishes to assume control of the greatest, most violent institution for his own personal benefit and the benefit of his political allies and supporters.  Kind of puts a negative spin on… well… the ‘glory’ of it all.

Introducing Federal Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott

Mr Abbott also told the Examiner he disliked the “Captain Catholic tag” that had been ascribed to him.

“The only one of the Ten Commandments that I am confident that I have not broken is the one about killing, and that’s because I haven’t had the opportunity yet,” he said.

Don’t worry, he’ll get his chance to drop bombs on the rest of the world if he wins the next election.  Then it’ll be 10 for 10.

This is the choice we’re given for the next PM.  Abbott or Rudd.  And we’re supposed to like it?




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