Election Season

12 03 2010

Soon South Australian’s everywhere will go to the polls.  It’s election season and politicians are out kissing babies and visiting places they would normally avoid like the plague to score cheap votes.  Signs have been erected at bus stops urging people to ‘Vote4You’ and all those annoying posters have been put up on street lamps around the place, with the particular candidate in a suit, sporting the faux grin, looking confident and, most importantly, competent.

And it’s that slogan, ‘Vote4You’ that’s the object of my current distaste.  You’ll see it around the place, on the static posters as bus stops and on buses, or you’ll see it on TV with the people jumping and pulling rebellious rock and roll-esque poses in order to connect with the young people of South Australia.  And just think about it for a moment; Vote–4–you.


Because last time I checked, I wasn’t the one going into parliament to vote on things such as whether or not the State government can attack freedom of association by first targeting unpopular groups such as the Bikies.  And let’s face it, we don’t get much choice in the matter.  Mike Rann has run the state with an iron fist since coming into parliament.  With an excellent Public Relations team preserving his public image, keeping the papers quiet, keep journalists on their toes so their too busy to be assignment with real issues and then allowing them just enough time, in a controlled environment, for Rann to get a final rebuttal to some opposing argument on a key issue.

Add into this the obscene focus on rebuilding the State’s hospital in front of the UniSA CityWest Campus, which has been the cause of so much mud-slinging between the two major parties, and it makes me sick into my own scorn — bottom line, lot’s of money is going to be spent either way.

Which brings me Isobel Redmond, who has just about as much charisma as Rann, zero.  She makes a point of walking Hindley Street late on Saturday nights to meet and greet all the youngsters out there and talk to them about her policies.  She even went so far as to be visiting Tea Tree Plaza to do the same to young people while they shop and suck their boost juice.

Rann has now promised ‘police-trained security guards’ for trains to improve the use of public transport.  They are to be armed with guns, batons and pepper spray.  Because placing armed, trained ‘officers of the law’ on public transport in a confined space is not going to get anyone killed, at all.

Yeah, that’s really going to go down well.  And I’m saying this as someone living in the Salisbury/Elizabeth area.

Which brings me to my point.  These people don’t care.  They’re focussing on getting re-elected so they can continue to enforce their particular brand of morality of morality on the rest of us.  Sometimes that morality comes in the form of Trevor Grace, other time’s it’s Rann kissing a baby somewhere in a city park.

So I end this by saying, simply, that I do not accept any of these candidates as my leader.  I do not want a leader and refuse to legitimise their positions.  In fact, our political leaders are no different to the Gang of 49, the Bikies Rann loves to hate and the ‘NewBoys’ street gang.  Only difference is that they wear less tattoos, more suits and employ a media management team.

So, when it comes time to perform my ‘encouraged’ democratic duty I will truly Vote4Me and by not casting a ballot.

Because only I can.



5 responses

14 03 2010
David Gendron

And you know what? If the same “South Australia context” were in place in Québec, I wouldn’t vote. There’s no point in political mediocracy except for secessonnist purposes and this “voting promoting” bullshit is insane.

A question for you: Is the “obligation to vote” law stills exists (maybe this law exists but not enforced anymore?) in Australia?

I answer your last comment on my blog.

14 03 2010
David Gendron

still , no “s”.

14 03 2010
Ideas And Minds | Blog | Election Season

[…] March 14, 2010 in Syndication, voting by Ideas&Minds Election Season […]

14 03 2010

Tell us how you would provide security on trains in a stateless society. Seriously, I’m curious to know.

14 03 2010
Royce Christian


It’s important to remember that a stateless society, for a start, wouldn’t be burdened with any single leader making very dramatic statements about ‘law and order’ and ‘security’ to pull their fat from the frier during election season. An organisation charged with running a train service is going to have to improve security so that people will continue to use said service, but will also have the ability to make a well reasoned decision, rather than ‘shoot from the hip’ as Rann has done.

The problem isn’t with placing guards, but more so with placing police-trained guards armed with firearms and live ammunition, in confined spaces.

Given their close proximity to, pretty much every else on the train, if the guard ever has cause to fire their weapon, they are going to be very likely to kill passengers or even the victim. Not a smart move. Not to mention the police training the guard has receive is likely to create a sense of superiority, which will only be compounded by the carrying of a loaded weapon amongst a group of unarmed people creates a incredible power imbalance that has been reflected in Psychological studies, (see Milgram Experiment and the Stanford Prison Experiment).

An organisation operating in a environment without a state would be more inclined to recognise this, and so would be unlikely place guards that are not armed with a firearm and do not possess a sense of ‘higher authority’ (as a result of both police training and the firearm).

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