Pointing out inaccuracy in reports on Greece

21 03 2010

The following article was posted by BBC world news at 04:34 GMT, Saturday, 20 March 2010

Greece bomb hits Pakistani leader’s home in Athens

Police officers in Athens, 19 March

It was the second blast police responded to in as many days

A bomb has exploded outside the home of a Pakistani community leader in the Greek capital Athens – the second blast in the area in less than 24 hours.

Police said there were no injuries, but some damage was done to the entrance of the apartment building and three cars.

On Friday, a bomb damaged the office of a far-right anti-immigration group.

No group has said it carried out the attacks, but there have been numerous bombings attributed to far-left or anarchist groups in recent years.

Recent attacks have targeted banks and government buildings.

Greece has faced severe anti-government protests and rioting since police shot dead a teenager in December 2008.

Completely ignoring the fact that bomb attacks are going on for a moment, let me just take the time to point a few inaccuracies and shady imputations in the above article.

Firstly, I’d like to point out the use of the sanitised description of the Golden Dawn as ‘a far-right anti-immigration group.’  For a start, any one who has read my blog in the past will know that the Golden Dawn is an ultra-nationalist fascist organisation that routinely attacks immigrants, Anarchists, and individuals in general opposition to their platform.  They are notoriously violent and have been known to have murdered people in the street for throwing away their pamphlets.

Second, the following paragraph mentions that so far no group as claimed responsibility for the attacks, but oh so politely mentions that far-left and Anarchist (read: murdering, rapist, baby-snatching, shit crazy Anarchist thugs) have carried out ‘numerous‘ bombings in recent years.  This is a technique that triggers the reader to jump to a conclusion, or, ‘fill in the blanks’; it positively must have been those satanic Anarchists attacking the Pakistani community leaders house.  Never mind that the far greater likelihood is that those who attacked the Pakistani community leader’s house are the un-named Golden Dawn carrying out reprisals.

Thirdly, the use of the phrase ‘police shot dead a teenager’ is ambiguous.  Sure, its background information, but it doesn’t provide the context; two police officers murdered a teenage boy.  Yeah, that’s no reason for those silly Greek peasants to be angry.

UPDATE: Taxikapeli, reporting on LibCom.org writes,

The bomb attacks come after more than a month of a lull by urban guerrilla groups which has launched a winter offensive during December and January. It must be noticed that the small bomb that hit the house of the vice-president of the Pakistani community yesterday is widely considered to be related to the Pakistani secret services (due to the fact that it has been proceeded by the assassination of an embassy official of Pakistan) and not to domestic armed struggle.




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21 03 2010

Yup. The article leads the reader to think that the two bombings were carried out by the same group (and then goes on to insinuate as you note that “anarchists” are responsible), but even the few details provided are enough for someone who’s followed this closely to realize that’s unlikely. So much for the BBC doing their homework.

26 03 2010
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