Work-around’s to get the word out from Egypt

1 02 2011

So while Mubarak has sworn in his new cabinet, it looks like Egypt has been taken completely offline but activists are finding means and methods to work around the government crackdown on communications and get the word out.

@Jan25 Voices is a Twitter feed that gives regular updates based on phone calls made by people on the street.

Even though Western media have largely scaled back their reporting on Egypt, you can access reports given by individuals on the ground.

One recorded audio phone call painted the scene in Tahrir Square on January 30th.

This, no doubt, will hopefully be used to get the word out as a General Strike has been called with huge numbers of people expected to converge on the capital.

Although revolutions like that which have taken place in Tunisia and Egypt are not Anarchist, every little step towards counts.  The movements have been largely leaderless, spontaneous and widespread, having utilised New Media and workarounds to continue to communicate and get the word out.

Harsh, authoritarian regimes have been challenged, head on and if an entire country of people wish to throw off a 30-year-old regime that crushes dissent, expression and tortures individuals as a matter of course, then that movement must be supported from the outside whereever possible.

See here for more background regarding Egypt and the efforts of Egypt’s elite to maintain the status quo.

Now there are rumblings in Syria and Sudan.


Video showing Egyptian security forces trying to run down protesters (1:09) before unleashing a water cannon on people attempting to pray directly in front of the security forces.

Update 2:

Phillip Weiss of writes what I’ve been thinking for a while now,

…Racism against Arabs is shutting down the American mind once again. And all my friends must turn to Al Jazeera English to get the soul of the story: that these events are electrifying to Arabs everywhere, a heroic mobilization. And not only to Arabs. When ElBaradei says, I salute the youth for overturning a pharaonic power, lovers of human freedom everywhere must be thrilled. We are seeing a dictator dissolve before our eyes. These are the events we cherished in history books; let us embrace the Egyptian movement.

Why is America so afraid?

However, while his analyses of the American administration’s attitude and approach to Israel is correct and the response by prominent commentators in both Israeli and American media has both been less than supportive of an Egyptian pro-democracy movement, Weiss transitions into a credible analysis of media coverage to, seemingly, hating on “the Jews”.  While I agree with some thoughts, such as the quote above, I disagree with and repudiate much of the rest.




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1 02 2011
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