4 02 2011

To be honest, I want to tell you something. I am unemployed, and I have a relative who works with the police who offered me money to join the pro-. Frankly, I took the money and went and I know that they are all or those who are benefitting from the Party, and who want the regime to stay in power. I want to let you in on the secret: they are to police or to soldiers and asking them to demonstrate for , and to bring anyone else they know so that it appears that has lots of supporters. To be honest, I am ashamed of myself, and I feel that this a huge of the . I took the money and went with them and demonstrated with them and I was not proud of myself. I support the Egyptian people, and willing the Egyptian people will be victorious. This is a huge by those who are weak-spirited, but the police and the army are forced to obey orders. In the end, will come to your aid, Egypt. Peace be upon you.

another person says

I just wanna say that these called Pro-Mubarak demonstrators they are paid thugs. The country will not fall in civil war if Mubarak goes; because there won’t be anyone to pay them to go out. They are paid and they are plain clothes police, and they are armed, and they are protesting against . Where is the police? Where is the police to protect the people? This is a collaboration between the police and the regime that obviously does not want to give up. Please pray for us in Egypt!

Source: Alive in Egypt (1) (2)

Regarding the first account, two people have left comments raising issues regarding the accent of the man in the phone conversation and the area code given for the phone call.  Others have responded to these by saying that the accent belongs to a rural Egyptian and the area code is a result of having international phone calls relayed through California, a tactic employed to get news out from on-the-ground while internet communications had been shut off.

If you want to support the Egyptian people and can speak two languages, consider getting involved by helping out with translation.




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5 02 2011
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