The how and why of “Sophia Thalatth”

19 02 2011

This post is an attempt to profile the following individual and collect information in one place for future reference by anyone who is forced to deal with them.

A strange personality has appeared on the ALL forums.  The current name used by the personality is “Sophia Thalatth” and she claims to be a “pan-human nationalist”, a strange and incomprehensible ideology that back flips time and time again as to what exactly it means or stands for.  As it turns out, this personality has earned themselves a page on

List of aliases:

Al Jones (Serpent)
Brad Smith
Brandon Orr
Daedra Morrigham
Amelia Johnson
Johann Sebastian Bot (forged)
Johann Sebastian Bot V.2 (forged)
j-s-bot (forged)
Ken McVay (forged)
Kneisel-Weasel Buster
Merlin McGregor
Ministry of Propaganda
Poopie Girl
Saint Jackoff
Sophia Serpent
Sophia Thalatth
Susan Cohen(forged)
White Patriot
Wonderbread Leotard
Xiphias Gladius (forged)



Forums operated:


List of forums where they are currently active:

Alliance of the Libertarian Left forums (banned for spam)
FreethoughtForums (banned for copyright violation)


MrAngry, has written on the ALL forums about the person’s previous political beliefs:

A brief summary of this political movement would be that it is predicated on the notion that the friction between the sexes is caused by intellectually incurious women, aka bimbos. The solution to this problem is to make bimbos into sex slaves. Girls would be tested for intelligence and intellectual curiosity beginning as young as age 10, and those deemed incorrigible bimbos will be made into sex slaves, to be abused and raped as Sovereignist citizens please. Yes, that means that in this system, girls as young as 10 would be forced into sadistic sexual enslavement.

Unfortunately, the Sovereignist Symposium website is gone now, but fortunately I have a couple quotes from sovvie’s old website which will serve as an introduction to her (former) political thought:

Sovereignism is a movement to rally an emergent nation, create a new State and utilize the State to bring the national vision fully to fruition. This vision includes a Weltanschauung (worldview), matrix of ideas and set of goals. The Sovereignist State shall ultimately be the essence of this particular vision in form. The State shall hold genuine sovereignty as its highest value and be governed by a Sovereign, thus Sovereignism.The central organization of this movement is known as the Sovereignist Syndicate. The Syndicate is also the protostructure of the State.
Central to Sovereignism is the realization that those worthy of citizenship — those with the potential to serve the nation in a dignified manner — can be truly saved only if the incorrigible are damned. Reconciliation of real and alleged opposites is a theme likewise central to Sovereignism, as is redemption for the worthy. These “3 R’s” — Realization, Reconciliation, and Redemption — point to core themes crucial to Sovereignist education.Realization: Sovereignists realize that the worst stereotypes of the female sex — sources of friction between the sexes — in reality ring unalterably true only for a subset of females, a particular type of female. Bimbo is a popular word to describe this type of female — albeit often misapplied to females who pretend to be bimbos, under intense brainwashing by antisocial elements, although they have the potential to rise above it. Sovereignists realize that incorrigible bimbos — those who will be bimbos no matter what the circumstances — are the eternal enemy of intellectually curious and self-respecting women. The bimbo is a painful wedge between ladies and gentlemen which, before being properly addressed, renders impossible the degree of unity between the sexes advocated by Sovereignism. Sovereignists realize that 1) bimbos exist and have existed significantly and recurrently from society to society and era to era with dire repercussions and 2) non-Sovereignist measures are neither optimal nor even adequate for decisively dealing with the bimbo problem.Reconciliation: Therefore, in order to reconcile worthy women and men and otherwise serve the national good, the bimbo problem must be decisively solved. How? By instituting the sexual enslavement of bimbos, honestly and legally, and utilizing this institution as a sophisticated outlet for the good of society. This solution will not be feasible until after the Sovereignist State has attained full sovereignty and signed any necessary agreements with other sovereign powers.Redemption: By damning the bimbo to bondage — death would be too merciful a fate — the Sovereignist State will bring salvation to women and men of dignity. Citizen women will be liberated from pressure to spread their legs for sex, especially the casual and promiscuous intercourse which tends to be so dreadfully damaging to the female psyche. They will be optimally protected from rape and sexual harassment. They will be able to keep their bodies clean, sanctified and purified. They will be able to righteously abuse and degrade bimbos, further uplifting and glorifying their own figurative souls in the process. Their feminine pride shall be properly channeled so that it can best serve the nation. Bimbos will no longer be able to reduce men to drooling simpletons — himbos. The optimal sexual outlet will be available and readily accessible — bimbos kept in chains and cuffs and collars rather than allowed to wreak havoc upon society.

Sound good?  Not really.  Mr Angry also provides references where the person in question has acted as an advocate for this deranged political system (1, 2, 3).

(Note: This MrAngry should not be confused with the MrAngry who owns and runs the MootSF forums.  They are two separate people)

Characteristic behaviour

The person’s behaviour is characterised by overuse of science or scientific literature in a attempt to support their highly offensive and reactionary positions.  While claiming to be an “anti-racist” the person also insists upon using derogatory and imposed terms for ethnic minorities.  Anyone who disagrees or calls out these facts and contradictions is dismissed or abused with a string of invective in an attempt to dodge the issue.  Another identifying feature of their behaviour is a continued emphasis and reliance on supposed close friends or associates who are “highly intelligent” and agree with everything they has been arguing.  It is doubtful whether these persons exist and it is far more likely they are sock puppets used to justify and support a clearly racist position.  Often quote chat logs are quoted in order to prove existence of these persons, though it is impossible to verify whether these are real.  It is suggested that they might be fake.

The person makes numerous claims about their identity.  They claim to have formerly been a male prostitute, to be transgender, to have been raped and to have survived stage 4 brain cancer.  While knowledge of the person and their past leads me to question the authenticity, it is impossible to know either way.  The relevance to this profile comes as the person’s behaviour appears to indicate one of two possibilities; either they are a very committed troll and these facts are being used to illicit sympathy and create confusion, or they are being genuine about their past, and they are an individual who has suffered considerable amounts of pain and abuse.  However, in the event that the latter is true, it has no bearing on the credibility, gravity and acceptibility of what they are arguing as “truth”.

If indeed they are a troll, their use of these labels is insulting to all those who have experienced such things in life.

In the past the person has been known to disrupt discussions and communications by copying a critic’s account name and posting questionable material under that name (hence the “forged” accounts in the list).  Additionally, a confidential source has told of how web pages have been set up to publish personal details about an individual to the world.  These websites contain quotes out of context to defame the the target.

Their personality is illustrated in the following quote, with added emphasis:

On the other hand, voluntary eugenics is a very rational concept which has no necessary association with Nazism, or even the right wing at all. Yet I was ganged up upon[sic] for exploring the idea ‘out loud’. That is crazy. Fortunately I’ve got associates smarter and more logical than you guys who are convincing me not to give up so easily in that regard. Despite your pretensions of being anti-Establishment, to a good extent, you guys ARE the Establishment, or at least blindly submissive to taboos set by it and fanatically loyal to its most powerful ruling caste which is comprised of white Jews. That’s why I was ganged up upon for even mentioning Jewish power and the double standards around Jews.

With voluntary eugenics we can pay many people with low IQs to receive humane vasectomies, tubal ligations, etc. This is not cruel; irresponsible overpopulation is what is cruel and the Blacks suffer most of all. We can create dating and relationship networks for high IQ people. We can encourage high IQ Nigerians in diaspora to return home and help renew their country. Importantly, we can come to terms with the fact that large numbers of black Africans simply lack the cognitive profile to effectively adapt to high-tech urban civilization. We need to establish large nature preserves where they can move and revert to the unashamedly primitive way of life that comes far more naturally to them. We can also set up means for liberal-minded white couples to adopt as minors blacks who simply do not fit into either the perpetually-failing attempts at black urban civilization or a traditional way of life. (source)

Distribution of sexually suggestive images of young girls

Information has been provided by Mr Angry who has wrote that the person seems to have had possession of and distributed sexually suggestive pictures of young girls.  This claim cannot be substantiated.  The forum on which they appeared no longer exists, however Mr Angry points out the current forums run by the person contains a subforum “for the appreciation of young models”, which is only accessible to registered members.

The person claims their brain tumour caused their past promotion pedophilia.

Distribution of these images combined with the person’s history of advocating the sexual slavery of young girls constitutes a political act which I oppose.

Added to this is the recent post by the personality which argues for policy changes within the state in the name of combating age discrimination, essentially appropriating rhetoric for their own ends.  The post itself amounts to a desire and stated political goal to create and institutionalise pedophile rings.  They write:

Roll back and peel away government red tape around adoption. In order to lessen the appeal of child pornography and prostitution to the extent that they reduce sexual activity into a brief commercial transaction, which in turn proves less fulfilling than sexuality in the context of a strong relationship, allow people to freely associate to form healthy sexual relationships – untrammeled by ageist restrictions – such as through adoption networks, swingers’ groups, and sex clubs. For example, a couple should be able to adopt a child partly for sexual reasons. Although this idea has been criticized even by some CL activists, the case has never been made that this form of adoption would have to be any more harmful to a child than entirely non-sexual adoption. To the contrary, there is no scientific or empirical basis to believe that this must be so. Even under the status quo, it is legal to raise a child to abstain from sex, but not to enjoy sex. This indicates a pervasive anti-sex bias under the status quo, which has no rational or scientific basis.


These quotes are provided to illustrate the types of arguments presented and to record their existence into the future.

It’s not without reason that black and brown people are sneaking into white countries, not white people into black and brown countries. We are better at building and maintaining advanced industrial civilizations which are relatively free and in which people are treated with relative fairness. In a sense, our race is indeed superior, and that is exactly why real racism is not an option! (source)

The following list of statements taken from this thread.


One problem is that to believe Australian Abos are the same as us, you’ve got to make yourself retarded, no matter how smart you are to begin with. They have smaller brains with fewer fissures and less developed frontal lobes. They’ve evolved differently. To say otherwise, you’ve got to lie, big time. What’s good about that? It’s bullshit.

Now the racism here is pretty obvious.  Not only is “Abos” a derogatory term, but the use of scientific and evolutionary language attempts to validate, legitimise and justify outright racism.


For all the evolutionary distance between us, black people are human beings.

Pretty much an argument reminiscent of the “Great chain of being” pseudo-scientific bs of early last century which lead to massacres of Indigenous populations around the world, particularly in Australia.


I’m not racist ’cause I don’t hate anyone. I actually love black people. But…

“I’m not racist, but…” arguments are racist. Especially when followed by the phrase, “they are much more likely to commit violent crime” which perpetuates more racist myths.


Someone with that IQ wouldn’t be able to hang in a university unless the university lowered standards big time.

Continued perpetuation of debunked race IQ theories, plus assertion that “blacks” shouldn’t even bother with university education, plus promoting connection between being “black” and violent crime.


[NAME REDACTED] February 17 at 8:10am Report
Aww ur worried about me! Yea, I kinda figured it had something to do with science and why they’re so violent. Ilk be careful, hopefully all I have to do is stay to my self. I’m more worried Bout my car than anything. And hopefully I can see u soon. I’m thinking around spring or summer….Awww, I miss u!
Sent via Facebook Mobile

Use of messages attributed to anonymous sources to try and reinforce their racism. Pity, if they do in fact exist, one representative of a minority or a community does not speak for all.


I’m sure you notice that whites and asians are nerdier and more quiet and usually not as good of dancers. But at the same time, they’re usually better at math.

Continued perpetuation of racial stereotypes and racial IQ theories, combined with an insistence that in order to demonstrate intellect and intelligence, a person must conform to standard “white” tests of intelligence and success (Nobel prizes, admission to CalTech, ability to do math).


No. I really do love black people. It’s not that “some of my friends are black,” but rather most of my friends are either black or otherwise of non-European extraction.

I’m not racist! I have black friends!


It means that in general, majority black schools will have more violence but (excepting some areas of athletics and music).

Continued perpetuation of racial stereotypes.


I mentioned in the conversation how she was complaining about lighter-skinned black women on a bus. Jada is rather dark-skinned for an African-American (who average about 20% Europid admixture iirc).

Apparent use of and perpetuation of racial mixture categories from previous centuries where “blackness” and “whiteness” was measured, weighed down the last drop of black blood.


I think blacks are human beings, but likely more primitive humans: closer to our common ancestors, with a higher index of attributes classified by evo biologists as primitive…


OTOH, some of the more primitive population groups of today and recent history bear striking similarities to the bonobo. One example would be the genitalia of Hottentot women.

Once again compares entire African ethnic groups to primates in order to further justify their racism. Secondly, use of the word “Hottentot” is considered derogatory. The ethnic group prefer to be called the Khoikhoi. Even more so when you consider that 10,000 people of a Khoikhoi group, the Namaqua, were massacred in a struggle against German colonists and the East India Company, the sort of racial theories promoted by the person probably played an important role in justifying the actions of the perpetrators.

It should also be noted that photos were posed of a Bonobo and a sketch of an African Khoikhoi woman in order to draw a comparison between their genitals to suggest a genetic link, while a photo of an African woman with a “receding hairline” was compared to a photo of a Orangutan for the same purpose.  This is extremely racist and extremely offensive.


Except it’s empirically TRUE that they are much more likely to commit violent crime. It’s your racist myth that black people are just like white people, rather than their own unique race, which harms black people more than anyone. Over 90% of the victims of black violence are other blacks. This is confirmed by numerous angles. By denying the reality of black violence you help to perpetuate needless suffering and death.


Note: I will be updating this list with more information on “Sophia Thalatth” as an entity or with more quotes as the information becomes available.

Last Updated: 22 May 2011




26 responses

19 02 2011
Francois Tremblay

Keep this going. Sovvie/Sophia needs to be exposed for the piece of shit they are.

26 02 2011

I ran into this same character at a forum that is a distant offspring from IIDB, he was there for one run until being banned for violating one of the very few rules, then returned in a new incarnation about a year later, in his current Sophia incarnation, the trans-sexual, faux-liberal brain-cancer survivor who is fascinated by eugenics and the need to mention Ashkenazi Jews at every turn.

Add to his list of aliases Sovereign, Wonderbread Leotard, and Sophia. Characteristics:
1. Takes ridiculous and unpalatable, if not criminal positions; for example: copraphagia, white supremacy/ anti-semitism, hebephilia/ rape/ enslavement/ the construction of a fascist rape-state, eugenicist pseudo-science.
2. Often writes screeds on the subject, attempting to camouflage and justify the less savory positions with trappings of science, invariably decades-old, often only tangentially related, and sometimes well debunked and discredited.
3. Usually builds a forum, semi-populated by his sock-puppets. Recent example:
4. Claims to be a survivor of stage 4 brain cancer, claims that previous incarnations were mentally ill/ influenced by brain tumor, claims to be a trans-sexual, claims to have been a male prostitute, claims to have current medical conditions, claims to have been raped.
5. Obsessed with/ upset by suggestions that he is not intelligent, logical, or rational, frequently attempting to assert that he is all three.
6. Excessively works ‘victim status’, special entitlement/ pity card.
7. Lies, claims he has proven things when no proof has been given, ignores evidence that contradicts with his theories, leaps to illogical conclusions on shaky premises.
8. Perpetually claims dismissive responses to his trolling/ screeds/ lies -on open forums with broad means of filtering responses-are bullying.
9. Threatens revenge, either through third-party cyber-attacks, hacking forum participant’s personal information, or broad, nebulous, “you’ll be sorry” gambits.
10. Frequently uses socks, that are clearly sock puppets, but will claim they are special friend X who is so cool and smart and really above you. Will discuss at length how much they like him and what a great time they are having, and how well they treat him.
11. Frequently claims that everywhere else he is treated with the utmost respect and consideration of his ideas, unlike you mean and horrible people.
12. Frequently claims he has friends who are smart/special and they like him, so there. Will post fake chat logs and IMs to fake prove it.
13. Frequently claims to be abandoning forums where he isn’t yet banned, only to reappear within hours or days.
14. Accuses those who disagree with any portion of his commentary to be of some group he doesn’t like, and persecuting him.
15. Uses unintentionally hilarious phrases in his rants on occasion.

26 02 2011
Royce Christian

Thank you for the added information. I’ve updated the profile with the latest information.

26 02 2011

“The distribution of child pornography is not just illegal, but unethical and an indefensible practice.”

What do you mean by “child”? What do you mean by “pornography”? And being a left-libertarian, why the fuck do you care if something’s illegal? (unless you mean under natural rights or something)

I recommend you read the essay (I first found it in a Disinformation book) “Art and the Eroticism of Puberty”, written in light of a crackdown on (not even pornographic) underage nude photography. It shows the reactionary, privileged and sex-negative mentality behind the “innocence” of “children” and the pedophile/ephebophile scare.

26 02 2011
Royce Christian

These claims cannot be verified. I do not know the age of the “young girls” involved and I do not know the nature of the photos and the level of eroticism they involve. This is why I disclosed my source.

The exact phrase used in describing them was “quasi-legal sexually suggestive photos of young girls”. Given the irrationality, inherent contradictions and overall behaviour of the individual profiled here, I’m highly suspicious of what these photos may depict.

And you are right in asking why I care if they are illegal. Fact is, I don’t care if they are illegal per se. Bus as I run this blog online, I feel it is necessary for me to state as much, as I would rather not have to fight a law suit any time soon for whatever reason. This may sound paranoid, but I would rather err on the side of caution as bloggers are not immune to prosecution.

I do however feel there is certainly a good argument to be made regarding the sexualisation of young children which socialises children in behaviours before they are ready to explore sex and sexuality themselves, not to mention the numerous questions that have to raised regarding the child involved, their vulnerability and status as potential victim. I oppose the circulation of child pornography and sexually explicit images of young children on this basis.

But, primarily the inclusion of this information in this profile, I feel, is totally relevant given the personality we are dealing with and their history of promoting sexual slavery of young girls who are deemed inferior. Even if this is just a fantasy of some deluded individual living in their mother’s basement, that it is being promoted online in public forums, combined with the posting of sexually suggestive-material, is an inherently political statement on how they feel people, or in this case, young girls, are to be treated.

26 02 2011

The thing is, that’s not what you said. You said “child pornography” was wrong, and legally speaking in many parts of the world a photo, taken with permission, of two 15 year olds having consensual sex would be considered “child pornography”. You can’t make blanket statements about a vague, broad, emotionally charged concept of “child pornography” without clarifying your intended meaning. The specter of “child pornography” seems to be often used as a rational for paternalistic statism, feeding off ageist tendencies in the society at large.

26 02 2011
Royce Christian

Well I do happen to think that production of Child Pornography and its distribution is wrong, but this shouldn’t be interpreted as defending the current attitude towards teen sexuality and the way it conflicts with the law.

I totally agree that the discourse surrounding teen sexuality in the mainstream is, for lack of a better term, fucked up. When prosecutors are willing to go after a teenage girl for taking a naked photo of herself for producing child pornography, which will ruin her life while punishing her for exploring her own sexuality, there ain’t that many other phrases you can use to describe that scenario. The same applies to the 14,15,16 year old classmate that may end up in possession of such images and on a sex offender list.

But yes, it is good you brought me up on my phrasing, and I will change the wording in an attempt to clarify.

26 02 2011

Again, what is a “child”? What is “pornography”? And why is “child pornography” wrong?

27 02 2011
Royce Christian

Pornography is sexually explicit images or video footage of no artistic value designed to stimulate desire and create arousal.

“Child” and the inherent “wrongness” is contextual, dependent on the vulnerability of the individual and the power inequalities between those in the footage, those recording the footage and those distributing it for consumption by the world.

27 02 2011

I would consider pornography to be any work made specifically to arouse, whether or not it has artistic value. I would consider a child to be a prepubescent individual, though I try not to use the term “child” by itself due to its vagueness and its connotations. I believe as a meta-ethical prescriptivist that “wrongness” is a useful fiction. Hence, “child pornography is wrong” would be “do not make images of prepubescent individuals designed for the purpose of sexual arousal”.

Whether or not that’s good advice to me is a factor of whether or not the child consented, meaning they knew what the activity entailed, chose to do it, and the transaction did not involve force or fraud. I believe that such consent on the part of the child is possible, but unlikely.

27 02 2011
Royce Christian

Including artistic merit or value as part of your definition of pornography is a much broader definition of the word than it’s typical usage. I am very cautious to accept this, as my understanding suggests it justifies the derogatory use of the word in response to artistic material, which while may be an emotional reaction to content, will typically ignore the message or what the artist was trying to convey. For example, an image of a naked young girl attempting to draw attention to sexual abuse of children may be labelled “pornography” by some, even if the image was specifically designed so as avoid arousal.

I do not think we should necessarily avoid the use of the word “child” where appropriate. Yes, it does have paternalistic connotations, but it’s core elements relate to both a developing individual and a certain vulnerability precisely because they have not developed the capacity to act as an autonomous person. As they are dependent, they are vulnerable and the power relationship is disproportionately in favour of parents, guardians or the community as a whole. The word “child” also denotes an obligation on behalf of parents or the community to care for the child in times of need, particularly in the event if the parents cannot or refuse to. I hold strongly to the idea that a community has the strongest obligation to its most vulnerable members.

I agree that puberty is a useful indicator for when to appropriately apply the word “child” to a person, but the word’s use can and should extend beyond this where necessary, depending on the personal development of the individual. We know development takes place at different rates and this should be reflected in whatever approach we take. Just as some progress faster, some are slower. The limit is the need to protect, respect and foster personal development.

The issue, at least for me, is the need for a child to fully develop at their own pace, free from external influence, manipulation or harm. This applies both to those who want to cotton ball children as they develop to protect them from “the world”, as well as those that would want to exploit their vulnerability and inexperience for their own personal benefit or satisfaction.

On this basis, I would argue a child (for now, a pre-pubescent individual) cannot consent to engage in sex, let alone to be filmed in the act. Consent requires an even playing field. A child does not have the capacity to understand what is involved and their vulnerability relative to those willing to hold the camera, organise, introduce another actor, and distribute the product, is going to be so disproportionate, it is simply not possible for them to consent in any real sense.

When the term “child” is applied during or post-puberty and whether the individual can consent to sex or participation in pornographic material is, once again decided by their personal development and level of vulnerability. I would argue a 14 year old girl cannot consent to take part in a pornographic film produced by a professional studio. In that case I would argue the term “child” is appropriate given the context. I would argue the same if it was an amateur video organised by a 20 year old. I would not argue the same if it was video recorded by another 14 year old, assuming the girl clearly understood the video was recording. I would not argue the same if it was a video recorded by the girl herself.

However, this raises some issues regarding circulation and possession, that I haven’t thought about much at all and don’t have the time to at the moment.

27 02 2011
Royce Christian

Shit, sorry for the wall of text.

27 02 2011

Why can a 14 year old not consent to being in a pornographic film? That reeks of age essentialism to me. For some 14 year olds, that might be true, for others, it might not.

As for artistic value in porn, I don’t believe something made as an artistic statement can be pornography. However, I don’t believe that something having artistic qualities automatically disqualifies it from being pornography. An artistically accomplished work created for pornographic purposes is still pornography IMO. I fear that if that isn’t accepted it leads to a sort of “everything I don’t like is porn, everything I like is erotica” implication.

Anyways, I have nothing against walls of text.

28 02 2011

I do not believe the average 14 yo has the experience or maturity to fully weigh the implications and consequences of having their sexual acts recorded in such a long lasting medium as well as the economic implications of turning over all rights to those images .

There is too much of a power and knowledge differential between a younger teen and the producers and distributors.

Yes, there are exceptions, and where the line should be drawn is necessarily arbitrary, but I think having some line is a good idea in order to protect the majority whom I believe are disadvantaged in any negotiations due to their young age.

28 02 2011

Sacrificing the few for the security of the many… sounds like collectivism in its worst form. I define sexual consent as choosing to engage in a sexual activity, with knowledge of what it entails, without being coerced by force or fraud. What you are proposing is legislating safety, the same rationale used to justify regulatory agencies, occupational licensing and the war on drugs.

1 03 2011

We’ll just have to disagree then, vaguelyhumanoid. Also I think this discussion is off topic for the article.

I wanted to let the blogger know that Sophia/Brandon is busy the last few days posting under the name Selene at

1 03 2011
Royce Christian

“I do not believe the average 14 yo has the experience or maturity to fully weigh the implications and consequences of having their sexual acts recorded in such a long lasting medium as well as the economic implications of turning over all rights to those images .

There is too much of a power and knowledge differential between a younger teen and the producers and distributors.”

I agree with this statement, but generally this discussion is off topic and should continue elsewhere. The purpose of this thread is to collect and help track a very disturbing individual on the internet.

And thank you MB2C for the information, it has been added to the profile. If you come across anything else, please don’t hesitate.

1 03 2011

Royce, thanks for completely ignoring my counterarguments and resorting to age essentialism in spite of everything I just said, as well as the fact that I myself am 14 and clearly can make rational choices for what to do with my own life… not that I’m looking for a career in porno or anything.

I respect you. I really do. But I have to say, I am very disappointed.

1 03 2011
Royce Christian

I do not like intervening in a discussion, and normally I wouldn’t. The only reason why I am doing so in this instance is because this post was intended to serve a specific purpose and the comment thread does need to support that. Otherwise I would have let it run.

I’ve also been ill these last couple of days, and I know I have neglected your response. I am sorry for this. If the discussion kicks off on the ALL forums, I will probably contribute something there.

1 03 2011
Francois Tremblay

“I do not believe the average 14 yo has the experience or maturity to fully weigh the implications and consequences of having their sexual acts recorded in such a long lasting medium as well as the economic implications of turning over all rights to those images.”


And how the fuck dare you invalidate vaguelyhumanoid? That is frankly rather insulting.

17 03 2011

To further update, an additional pseudonym was Morgan, and at least on our forum Brandon Orr (as Sophia) is now posting as a self-described Aryan Christian-variant, with long rants about how Jews generally and Orthodox Jews specifically are immoral and supremacists. He has also started engaging in Holocaust apologetics, blaming the Jews in Germany at the time for instigating it, or deserving somehow. Refers to those who refute his statements or disagree as “Kikes.” Additional screeds on rape statistics (that he misrepresents) in South Africa, as part of his contention that Black Africans are genetically inferior. Continues to use a lot of pseudo-science from Pioneer Fund grant sources.

17 03 2011

Forum where as Sophia, Brandon Orr is currently active:

However, most of Sophia’s posts are moved to a section that is not searchable by google or spider-bots, in hopes of preventing the attraction of other racists or proponents of pedophilia.

19 03 2011
Royce Christian

Thank you again for continuing to provide information. Profile has been updated.

7 04 2011

Sophia (Brandon Orr) banned from freethought-forum for copyright violation after multiple warnings.

Sophia Serpent (Brandon Orr) on Facebook now changed name to Merlin MacGregor (Serpent), with a flag of Rhodesia as his avatar, Luciferianism as his interest, and his stated sex as male.

21 05 2011

-Changed his screen name from Sophia Thalatth at to Brad Smith; coincidentally also the name of a famous holocaust denier, though the account has been inactive since the end of February.

-Changed his screen name at (a forum for people of germanic descent), from Merlin MacGregor to Myrddin, where he is supposedly a recently broken up farmer in Texas.

Myrddin coincidentally is the screen-name of a poster from a few years back at who liked The Bell Curve and discussions regarding Ashkenazi Jews and IQ; likely a rehashed pseudonym.

-Changed his facebook screen name (again) from Merlin MacGregor (Serpent) to Al Jones (Serpent), likely has abandoned this as a viable account.

28 03 2012
Louis Jean-Pierre

This might be outside your area of concern, but an individual matching this description posted briefly on “Philosophy Forums” as SSovereign before leaving an idle account. The poster’s most recent incarnation on the site featured the creation of an “introductory” thread featuring the brain cancer story.

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