Racism against African migrants in Libya

2 03 2011

Revolutions are notoriously fickle creatures.  All too often would-be revolutionaries turn out to be what they hate.  The introduction of violence on the scale seen in Libya only serves to prompt revolutionaries to push back.  Gaddafi’s practice of importing mercenaries has also inflamed the situation, with innocent African migrants being caught up in the mix.  Likewise, the overarching narrative that has been spun in the international media, and often, by the revolutionaries themselves, has taken a particularly nationalist bent and no doubt, this is fall out.

But then the character of the Libyan revolution has been wholly different to that of Egypt and Tunisia.  The institutions and regimes in these countries have been unique.  While Mubarak and Ben Ali had maintained ties with their international counterparts during their presidency and sought to maintain some kind of democratic responsibility through the pretence of elections, Gaddafi, is a different animal entirely.

Words to live by: do not become what you hate.




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4 03 2011

Valid, since Gaddafi reverted as. First Brother Malik du Malik of Afrique!! Egomantic nothing more only reason Libya. Seeks to influence which hasn’t occurred! Tell me were is the educational,technology,political science. Besides authoritian clamor of Libya Africa needs. To emulate? Gaddafi is after lost presitage and commodities. Any investment Libya investment fund decides. It’s about Gaddafi see they fear investments. India,China,Russia and Iran making the region stronger than his present. Regime, not surpress with all the speeches. I’m baffled Gaddafi your infactuation with former monarchies. Why the need to entitle them? Attempting Napoleon about crown
yourself. PashaShah? Arab’s are vainglorious I see in the Mosque. Your chosen to Shatin the lot of you. Racisn and elite attitude is Arab Ummah! Downfault Gaddafi you’ll never see 50 anniversity of harshness! King of Kings

9 03 2011


Arabism & Islamism = twin fascisms!

Arabism = racism !
Against: Persian, Assyrian, Maronite, Copt, Kurd ( in Iraq, Syria), Berber, On Caucasians, on “al-akhdam”, anti-Jewish (not just on Israelis…), anti-Asians, Anti-Africans (not just in Arabs’ genocide in Sudan…)

Islamism = bigotry!
Radical ISLAM has been waging a vicious bloody global WAR on non-Muslims or on those “not Muslim enough…” As in:
Thailand, India, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Philippines, Indonesia, E. Timor, Moluccas islands, Nigeria, UK, US, France, Israel, Germany, Russia, China, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt…

Anti Israelism’s intolerance is only PART of the above “twin-fascism”!

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