Union members and Anarchists join forces in Lansing, Michigan

20 03 2011

According to sources, the Lansing protests seem to have lit a spark.  Union members demanding their rights have shown a willingness to work outside legal and bureaucratic channels as they worked side-by-side with young people and Anarchists.

Below are two videos recorded during the protests.  They document the resistance protesters gave to police as they began to remove those who had been arrested.  After a while, the police just start arresting people in the crowd.

The first video documents the resistance of protesters to the police as they began to remove those arrested students.  Eventually they just arrest those in the crowd.

The second video is a better quality footage of the above.

The Lansing protests saw union members stood with Anarchist radicals, even while union bureaucrats denounced them.  Streets were blocked and students were arrested, however there is unfortunately no footage of these acts.




2 responses

21 03 2011

if you could forward any and all video youve come across of the arrests in the streets i’ll be sure to pass it along to those i know personally that were arrested that night

22 03 2011
Royce Christian

I would love to, but all the footage of the arrests I’ve found or been shown has been second-hand from Youtube. I’m sorry I can’t assist any more than publicising what happened here. Please give my best wishes who have been arrested.

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