Barry Cohen, barking mad

14 04 2011

For those of you who haven’t already had your dose of ultra-conservative bigotry in the time since you first logged onto the net this morning, check out this article published by The Australian which attempts to justify discrimination against gay couples by comparing them to pedophiles and those engaged in bestiality.

A lot has happened in the past 40 years that has been of benefit to the gay community. Some I agreed with, others went too far, but marriage between people of the same sex giving them equal status with heterosexual couples, in my view, goes way beyond the pale. They argue that the present law discriminates against them. It does. And it’s the same reason why I can’t marry Jamie or Hamish.

And how about the discrimination against pedophiles, prohibiting sexual relations with children? Why do we discriminate against 15-year-old girls and boys for what used to be called carnal knowledge? Why do we ban men from entering women’s toilets or vice versa? I could go on but I’m sure you discern my drift. We discriminate because society believes it is the right and moral thing to do.

Marriage was considered, until recently, sacrosanct. Bigamy and polygamy are banned. Why should we discriminate against men who want more than one wife, or wives who want more than one husband?

I probably don’t need to point out all the rhetorical deviousness, but I’m going to anyway.  Mostly for sport.  Between appeals to emotion there’s an assumption that “everyone thinks the same way” the author does.  Then there’s an attempt by the author to prove that they’re “not homophobic but…”  There’s the use of gay jokes when discussing LGBT issues in a failed attempt at humour.

Oh, yeah, and let’s not forget the tired old assumption that everyone who is critical of what you have to say is either a “lefty” or “politically correct”.

The whole thing is dominated enitrely by the authoritarian position that groups outside “the norm” should be happy with whatever concessions the “mainstream” throws their way and shut up.  If they get too uppity in their demands for equal treatment, it’s okay to resort to ridicule and slander in order to ignore, invalidate and deny them equal treatment.  Then again, you can expect little else from a former Australian politician




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