About Me

This is the blog of an Anarchist.

Other labels it and its writer are currently associated with include Left-Libertarianism, Mutualism, egalitarianism, existential Absurdism and post-colonialism.

This blog maintains a commitment to anti-fa organising, anti-racism, feminism, Indigenous land rights, LGBT rights and solidarity with peoples movements around the world.

The author rejects as ideologies, “National-Anarchism”, The Third Position, Capitalism, and Anarcho-Capitalism.

Too many About pages take themselves too seriously.



And I can only conclude that Royce Christian is a small-minded ideologue unable to engage or comprehend ideas that disturb his own sense of moral superiority or the rigidly constructed ideological prism through which his world view is discerned.

Keith Preston of AttackTheSystem.com

You’re a palefaced puritan with stick up his ass and a huge amount of sanctimony.

— “Sophia Thalatth

8 responses

23 12 2008

Well I’m glad I found your blog. I love to come across different perspectives on life. Enjoyed reading your posts.

13 01 2009

Thanx for putting a link to my blog. Maybe you´ll attend the demos for G8 meeting in Italy, in Sardinia (July). I want to gather around 100 Romanian young people and to go take part in a non-violent Direct Action. My reasons would be to criticize the capitalist wars in less developed countries, the lack of affirmative measures concerning the climate change and also against all the financial mess made by the United States. They pretended to be the single superpower but they went to China and begged kneeling in front of the Communists for some Chinese $Bns in the world economy.

29 06 2009
Geoffrey Transom

Hey there Royce,

You can dislike anarcho-capitalism all you like, but if you’re genuinely an anarchist, and the world progressesto anarchy, it will be anarcho-capitalist.

Markets are the only coercion-free way to enable mutually-beneficial exchange: there is no other mechanism. I think you are conflatingtheeffects of crony-capitalism (the US model since the mid-1800s) with actual, free, markets.

Now – let’s get on with our common ground: getting rid of the political parasite class by any means necessary.

To paraphrase Diderot: man will be free when the last politician is bludgeoned to death with the severed arm of the last police sniper.



6 07 2009

I got here by searching ‘guerrilla capitalism’.
Sorry the name didn’t work out, I always did wanna read that old book that I saw in Loompanics!

I’m so glad you’re on wordpress.
Makes it easy to comment!

7 07 2009

I also like your format. I’ve ran into wordpress formats that suck.
The one with three columns especially. I get so tired of scrolling those that I just delete the friggin link.

17 01 2011
John Steinsvold

An Alternative to Capitalism (which we need here in the USA)

The following link takes you to an essay titled: “Home of the Brave?” which was published by the
Athenaeum Library of Philosophy:


John Steinsvold

Perhaps in time the so-called dark ages will be thought of as including our own.
–Georg C. Lichtenberg

28 02 2011

Geoffrey, Royce is a free market supporter, just not a capitalist. Look up “mutualism”.

2 02 2014

I hope at some point you will bring the present blog back online.

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