The US Government goes for internet’s jugular

27 09 2010

This article was originally published by  I’ve reposted it here as a matter that needs urgent attention inside and outside the US.

The US government has decided that it has the right to take down content on any website in the world if a movie or recording studio complains about it.

The worldwide censorship programme will let the Justice Department seek US court orders against piracy websites anywhere in the world and shut them down through domain registration.

According to Wired the law has the backing of both republicans and democrats and is quite possibly the first time that the US has attempted to impose its quaint medieval legal system on the rest of the world.  It is certainly the first time that the US has ordered other nation states to obey the will of its own private companies.

Basically the only reason that the world has to listen is that the US has control of the domain registration system.

The law is called “Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act,” and as Wired points out it is the Holy Grail of intellectual-property enforcement.

If passed, the Justice Department could ask a federal court to for an injunction that would order a domain registrar or registry to stop resolving an infringing site’s domain name, so that visitors to, for example, would get a 404 error.

It is being pushed by Orin Hatch who is a Republican from Utah who claims that this world wide wibble thing is a tool for online thieves to sell counterfeit and pirated goods, making hundreds of millions of dollars off of stolen American intellectual property.

But whether the proposal would ever become law is unclear. For a start there will be a large number of foreign countries who will be leaning on the US to drop it. Wars have been fought for less and the world wide wibble is an important economic resource.

Hollywood has shown that it is quite prepared to blanket ban all filesharing sites on the basis that pirated material could be shared. A law like this would enable it to shut down internet access to any company which makes technology it does not approve of.

The fact that taxpayer money is being used to defend Hollywood against people who may not have any cash at all is another point. But the law could also be used to shut down Wikileaks on the basis that the material is copyrighted. The fact the site is hosted in foreign countries would not protect it.

The US has always been reluctant to give up its control of the internet, usually making the claim that it invented it. The fact that what it came up with is nothing like you see today does not matter to it. It now seems that US politicians are using it to prop up their entertainment industry’s sick business model.

Our bet is that if the law is enacted then it will push other governments to set up a rival internet structure without the US.  After all you can’t have a system of taxation or legal repression without representation.  Where have we heard that before?

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AngryAussie rants about Australian internet filter

10 06 2010

Help catch a conman

17 04 2010

Interested in dishing out a cold, hard dose of internet vigilante justice?  Well here’s your chance.  Copy, paste, post and repeat the following and this photo where ever you can. From more details on what went down, see this post by Db0.  If you can provide information please contact Db0 over at his blog.

Are you looking for

Erik Janson's Fake ID

Was he supposed to send you some money for helping his stranded son from Greenland? If so, I’m sad to say that you’ve been the target of a con praying on people who are nice enough to try and help a stranger in distress. Disgusting I know. This is why I need you to help me track These scum.

At the moment of writing, I’ve been contacted by 2 different people that fell for the same scam. Both of them students who couldn’t afford it. Obviously this bastard doesn’t care who’s life he fucks-up as long as he gathers enough money to move to another country and do the same thing all over again to some other poor guy or gal trying to help.

He’s all over Europe at the moment. He scammed me in Frankfurt on February, then a Belgian 5 days later and now I heard from a Spaniard that was scammed 5  days ago. If this fucker manages to do this once per week, it means there must be at least 4-6 more people, and that is assuming he started this February which is not likely.

These guys are also prepared with fake IDs and everything. The picture on the top, is the ID they sent to the Spanish student who asked for far more evidence than I did, and still fell for it. It’s an obvious fake but while being distracted by a professional conman, it’s easy to take it for real.

Please help us discover the identity of the scammers

These guys prey on some of the most vulnerable members of society. They target explicitly young looking people, students more likely, and Dennis then pretends he is a fellow student down on his luck. By abusing the feelings of camaraderie, they make life difficult for those who are not in the best situation anyway.

What can you do? Post, retweet, email and discuss the info we have. The more widely we spread those photos, the more likely someone who knows him IRL recognises him.

I’ll be posting updates on any new information that comes up. If you want me to provide you with details so you can do some more in-depth investigation, fire me an email.

Happy New Year!

9 01 2009

No time was wasted in the US seeing in the New Year with blood.

Aside from echoing the execution of a young boy that took place in Greece, this latest tragedy serves to remind us that this is the age of the digital camera and the internet where fuck ups, police brutality, executions and lies are documented.  At the push of an enter key, we have access to the largest soap box and organisational tool ever produced.  Whether it be the parasitic politicians who live off our labour or the little despots with of greatness further down the chain of command, we have the power to expose these people for what they are through film and words.  The internet is a beast that puts us in touch with a greater, international audience and has played a key role in these two specific events — without the internet both cops in either case would been investigated and let go.  Instead, footage that exposes both shootings as executions has been uploaded, digitised and distributed.  The perpetrators have been, universally, condemned by anyone of good conscience who happens upon footage of the incident and words have been (and will be) written extolling the moral to these tragedies: if you don’t want a repeat, get rid of government.

Furthermore, the Greeks were able to take to the streets quickly following news of Alex’s murder, through SMS texts and the internet.  As the mainstream media began condemning the protestors, and siding with the police, alternative reports emerged that showed the Greek police acting as provocateurs, working with ultra-nationalist groups to subdue protesters and that the original incident was, in fact, murder.  This second case of police brutality in America was captured on video by multiple persons, and shows the victim being forced, face down into the pavement, cuffed and subsequently, shot in the back.  Without these videos, that same cop would, in all liklihood have been investigated and let off with a slap on the wrist — or a statement saying that the cop acted ‘appropriately under the circumstances.’  It is the internet that has enabled this tragedy to make it past the blue wall of silence.  No wonder various governments are so keen on censoring it.

But, to the point.  There is now an international precedent of the police committing murder.  To serve and protect?  I think not.